Allegheny Tool and Supply was founded in August 2008. Josh Jolley, Jason Hanna, and Josh's father, George Jolley have been in the manufacturing, metalcutting and industrial supply business for many years. 

Allegheny Tool & Supply
725 Grant Street Franklin, PA 16323
tel: 814.437.7062
fax: 814.437.3975



Allegheny Tool & Supply is committed to bringing our customers the best technical innovations to make them competitive and profitable. We will do this with competitive pricing, stocking support and finding the very best solution to meet our customers needs while becoming the premiere industrial distributor in the northwest Pennsylvania marketplace.

We are more than just a tooling supplier. We want you to view us as partners; as a specialized extension of your own process engineering capabilities. We have the resources and experience you need to make informed and effective tooling decisions.
Our goal is to help you remain competitive in your rapidly changing manufacturing environment. You can design the perfect shop, buy the most advanced machines and hire the best people, but the tooling is where the rubber hits the road. It all comes down to removing metal quickly and efficiently for the lowest total cost. That's what we do.


George Jolley has over 40 years of industrial supply experience, starting in 1968 soon after graduating from the University of Miami. George is the Vice President of Finance at Allegheny Tool & Supply and also oversees the logistical operations.  George's background in fasteners, abrasives, and MRO products is only surpassed by his financial skills. 


Josh Jolley is the President of Allegheny Tool & Supply. After graduating from Penn State University and serving in the United States Army he learned the industrial supply business from the ground up, running inserts in front of CNC mills and lathes until eventually in 2001 becoming President of his family business, Jolley Industrial Supply. In 2008, Josh decided that it was time to start his own industrial distributor and formed Allegheny Tool & Supply to establish a cutting tool distributor that was the very very best technically in the Northwestern Pennsylvania market.


Jason Hanna is the Vice President of Allegheny Tool & Supply.  Jason's intimate first hand knowledge of CNC operations date back to his time as a CNC machinist and programmer. Jason understands the urgent need to get answers to questions and how time critical getting the right tools for the job can make or break the profit margin of Allegheny Tool's customers. Jason heads up the sales efforts with a core focus on bringing the customers the BEST solution to help them make a profit on each job.


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